Christen N McCluney, Christen McCluney, ChristenMcCluney

I am Christen McCluney and I help businesses and people with creative lives and entrepreneurial spirits share who they are through writing, speaking, digital tools and creative coaching.

  • I  train, teach and speak on how to utilize social media and developing your online persona.
  • I can manager social media and communications for your business or organization.aspire to help you develop and mature creatively.
  • I can cater to your communications needs through writing, media training, social media (training, development and consulting) and good old fashioned pr .
  • I can also help you connect your personal circle or larger groups with planning of service projects and retreats.
  • I also am available as a speaker for your group or organization in areas relating to personal development,  unleashing creativity, overcoming obstacles, creating your  and using social media for good..